Paula S. – my new toy

Paula loves experiencing pleasure as much as anyone… and when she’s alone, she loves experiencing that pleasure by herself… especially when she has something as good as her new toy to help her out. She just pretends it’s her man and her body does the rest. Her imagination is very good, but she doesn’t need to imagine much when using this toy… it feels so good. Once inside of her, she forgets everything and experiences the sheer pleasure it brings… especially when she mounts it… which is what makes it so special. She can ride it like she rides her man and is in control of every moment of pleasure… which she loves. She can go as fast or as slow as she feels like… for as long as she feels like. Come on in and see for yourself just how good it feels. Enjoy! :)

Johny, Katy R., Paula S. – sex for three

Sexy Katy and seductive Paula are no strangers. In fact, they know each other quite well… in the most intimate, and pleasurable of ways. The love being with each other, mostly because they each know how to please the other in ways men just don’t understand. But sometimes, a woman just needs a man to do what a woman can’t do… and Johny is more than happy to be that man. And to thank him, they both show him some very special attention before letting him show them how nice it is to have a man around… and show them he does. He takes both of these ladies to places of pleasure that only a man can give them, and they love every second of it. You’ll have to come in and see for yourself just how he does it, and who he does it to… (we’ll give you a hint… the answer is both of them)… enjoy! :)

Katy R., Paula S. – lesbian affair

There’s nothing quite like a lesbian affair… and when it’s with two sexy beauties like Katy and Paula… well, it’s extra special. These two really like each other and like to savor every moment they have together. They go slow and make sure not to miss a moment of pleasure. Katy starts with her finger in Paula’s beautiful, tight pussy… something Paula absolutely loves and wishes could happen all day long. But she knows Katy loves it to and is happy to return the favor… and the pleasure. Katy also loves a little vibration and Paula is prepared for that too… and Katy is prepared to show Paula just how good it feels. We won’t spoil it for you… let’s just say it feels very, very good, and Paula lets her know just how good. Come on in and see for yourself just how good. Enjoy! : ) 

Johny, Paula S. – so deep inside

Johny and Paula go way back… and whenever they get together, it’s as if no time has passed at all. They each remember what the other likes and why they got together in the first place. :) Paula likes to go slow… to be kissed and fondled… this gets her very excited and it’s not long before she returns the favor by giving Johny some special attention before she can’t stand it any longer and needs him inside of her… and Johny is more than happy to oblige her… but not before he gets her sweet pussy even more wet than it already is, so that when he’s ready to be inside her, he can go as deep as he wants… and as deep as she wants too. :) Come on in and see how these two lovers enjoy each other… and just how deep things can get. Enjoy! :)

Daniel, Paula S. – Through The Back

Daniel and Paula have been together for only a short time, but they have gotten really close, really quickly. So close that they feel the desire, and freedom, to explore more ways of experiencing pleasure with each other – in addition to what they know already feels good. :) After having her beautiful pussy rubbed and licked, Paula returns the favor before mounting and riding him. It’s not too long, however, before she decides to have him inside her back side… and she loves it. After a change of position, Daniel goes back and forth between the two and Paula does not know which she enjoys more… but it’s clear that she enjoys both. :) Come in and see for yourself just how much. Enjoy!

Daniel, Paula S. – Blindfold Me

Paula likes to be in charge, and Daniel has no complaints about that. So much so that he’s more than happy to indulge her desire for him to be blindfolded while she fucks him. Why would he refuse? Whatever pleasure he gets from seeing her hot body ride him is made up for by his senses being limited to how good it feels to have his cock inside of her… which is really good. Eventually she takes the blindfold off, as well as her panties, and let’s Daniel take the lead for a while. After licking her sweet pussy, he enters her effortlessly and pleasurably. It feels so good to be able to see her while fucking her. We won’t spoil it for you, but lets just say it’s Paula who needs the blindfold after Daniel is finished… enjoy! :)